Things I'm Afraid to Tell You

Leslie Yang - Thursday, May 03, 2012


When I read Ez's campaign for honesty and transparency in how we present our lives online, all stemming from Jess Constable's post, I LOVED it and felt joyful relief. It's time for the online community to stop acting as if our lives are gorgeously pristine and show our lives as they are: beautifully imperfect. We're all still trying to figure out our not-glamorous-in-the-least lives, pay the rent/mortage, do the laundry, and make time for our loved ones. I know it's silly to think that everyone else's lives are professionally styled and blemish free, but all the fanciful and beautifully styled photo shoots can really reinforce that fantasy is reality. Her post and the posts of my favorite bloggers have given me the courage to share with you some things that I'm afraid to tell you:

1. I've been bad about accounting. Only recently have I gotten my finances and inventory in order thanks to some friendly pressure and Outright, Shoeboxed, and Stitch Labs. It took a while to figure out a system that worked for me and for the first time this year, I didn't have to file an extension because I didn't have all my numbers figured out on time. My company's a work in progress, just like me.

2. My work room is messy.
Sure, it looks like this sometimes, but most of the time there are boxes of packaging, tissue paper, fabric, photo lamps, jewelry findings, and notes strewn all over and under the table.

3. I work full-time as an in-house graphic designer. And I'm full-time with feistyelle.
People assume I work only on feistyelle, but it's not paying all the bills yet. It's challenging to juggle both types of work and lately I haven't gotten enough sleep while launching the new collection. Plus, living in San Francisco is expensive!

4. Some days I don't give a crap about my Klout score or saying something fun or clever on Twitter.
Everything I share is about something that matters to me but some days I just want to make quality things, hang out with other people that make quality things, and not feel pressure to constantly document my life. If my Klout score goes up because you like what I share with you, great, but I'm not going to be a slave to an algorithm.

5. I don't see my family and friends enough and wish I made more time to see them.
See #3.

So here I am, just as I am, and I'm okay with it. That said, I wrote a little haiku so that you know that I feel the same way about you