Leslie Yang - Thursday, September 15, 2011

Corinna Dress by Sunhee Moon (yay, local SF business!), gray tights by Anthropologie, Picasso sandals by Re-mix Vintage.


Welcome to our new "What I Wore" blog series! This series is both a reflection of feistyelle and my personal style, which I'd say is preppy meets boho chic with a dash of funky. I love clean lines softened by pops of bright color and cozy textures. I tend to dress in blocks of color so it's unlikely you'll catch me in big patterned pieces. And true to my graphic design roots, I go through color palettes in my head as I get my outfit together in the morning!

The image above was what I wore one of the days at POOLTRADESHOW. I was dressing to be fun, inviting, and comfortable. The temperature at the show is fairly chilly plus long days on my feet meant my avocado green sandals and cute gray Anthro tights were a must. I love my striped dress by Sunhee Moon, a San Francisco-based company that shares my love for well-made tunics and dresses. Lastly, I have to rock my feistyelle pieces, right? I love mixing the bamboo and felt pieces, with our gold-dusted necklaces going so well with our bamboo earrings. Plus, it's fun to have the gold feather land just over the v-neck of the dress so that it almost looks like a brooch.

That's me, repping for feistyelle. Would LOVE pics of how you wear our pieces. Email me at info at